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Thursday 26 November 2009


Opening of Conference
Lodewijk Asscher, Vice-mayor and Alderman of Economic Affairs of the City of Amsterdam. With more then 40 percent of the Dutch creative sector based in and around the city, Amsterdam is not just an ordinary city. In publications like The New York Times and Der Spiegel, Amsterdam is being regarded as one of the creative hubs in the world. Using this creative potential however is not self-evident and also implies a big challenge for the City of Amsterdam. It is important that new, creative and innovative routes are developed and introduced. I see iCE Amsterdam as a contribution to this ambition and that is one of the reasons why Amsterdam supports iCE Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam will also present a short introduction to the new City Guide App

0945-1000 The new iAmsterdam City Guide App
a short introduction - Sander Munsterman, NL


Daniel Erasmus (NL)

The Level Playing Field, the Flow and the Development
With the number of downloads through Apple’s App Store topping just 2 billion downloads and more than 75,000 apps available, more and more platforms and companies want to capitalize on the fast growing mobile-commerce opportunity. Since the App Store showed how new apps can sell phones, the market for apps has been expanding quickly. Palm, RIM, Nokia, Android and Microsoft are all building stores to work with cell phones running their operating systems. Daniel will identify uncertainties and driving forces effecting the Mobile Revolution in Europe over the coming years.

Getronics, a KPN company, helps you define your mobile strategy

Daniel Erasmus (NL)
Daniel is a visiting professor at Ashridge Business School and a fellow of the Rotterdam School of Management where he works with executive education and teaches MBA courses on scenarios and strategies, organisational design and entrepreneurship. As a consultant and facilitator Daniel has worked with a range of private and public sector clients including Nokia, Rabobank, Rotterdam, Rijksgebouwendienst, Schlumberger, Telenor, Vodafone, etc. He is also founder of the DTN

1030- 1100

Paul Piebinga (NL)

Making sense of the connected world
Paul will share his thoughts on how he sees the evolving workspace. He will elaborate on how the mobile phone has reshaped and redefined people’s Workspace and how Getronics enables the connected world.

Getronics, a KPN company, helps you define your mobile strategy

Paul Piebinga (NL)
Since May 2008 Paul Piebinga serves as Vice President for Getronics Workspace Management Services in the Netherlands. In this role, Paul Piebinga is responsible for all activities in the field of workplace services in the Netherlands. Paul Piebinga brings over 20 years IT knowledge and experience. He started his career at EDS, where he had various international roles over 10 years, and has worked the last 5 years as a sales representative. After a move to Cambridge Technology Partners, in the role of VP Benelux, Paul Piebinga became CIO at Achmea. Among his responsibilities within Achmea an IT Shared Service Center has been established. Paul Piebinga has over 15 years commercial IT experience, the last 6 years in the role of IT-buyer versus IT-supplier.

1100- 1130

Kim Dennis (UK)

Pushing the Boundaries of Enterprise Mobility
The mobile phone is becoming the favourite work tool for people at all organisational levels. But data security issues, support burden, and telecom expense surge have taken many enterprises by surprise. Kim will share with the audience his recent experiences advising multi-national corporations, highlighting the biggest pitfalls in mobile solution roll-out and offering practical advice on how to avoid them. Focus will be placed on the opportunities and limitations of the iPhone and how it fits into the enterprise landscape.

Kim Dennis (UK)
As Business Development Director for EMEA, Kim Dennis plays a key role in Excitor’s international expansion. Kim joined Excitor back in 2007 motivated by the fact that its flagship product, DME, took a fresh approach to the issues of enterprise mobility by first tackling security, device management and cost visibility and then business applications. Kim has a reputation as an enterprise mobility industry specialist and closely follows the future of the mobile enterprise market while keeping in focus the human aspects of mobility and the impact of consumer mobility on the enterprise.

1130-1150 Coffee Break


Dan Burcaw (US)

Mobile Trends: your Opportunity for Innovation
Just a year ago, there was no mobile app explosion.  Learn how zero to over two billion app downloads has changed everything and what it means for the future.  The next inflection points in mobile are emerging.  Do you want to see the tsunami at six inches high or after it's too late?

Getronics, a KPN company, helps you define your mobile strategy

Dan Burcaw (US)
Dan Burcaw is an entrepreneur and technologist at heart.  He founded Terra Soft Solutions, the company behind Yellow Dog Linux, where he architected solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense. Of note, he designed and delivered a multi-million dollar technology solution deployed aboard the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. On the eve of Apple's App Store launch, Burcaw founded Double Encore which is now a leading iPhone development consulting firm serving startups, agencies/brands, and enterprises.  Burcaw also recently co-founded Push IO, LLC, a company providing smart infrastructure for smart phone developers.


Bernd Hahn(D)

Turn-by-turn navigation on the mobile phone
In the summer of 2009, NAVIGON launched the first professional turn-by-turn navigation software for the iPhone. Bernd Hahn will give you insights on the development setup of the MobileNavigator app for the iPhone, the super tight timeframe in which they managed to create the MobileNavigator App and the success story of it. Besides this, he will speak about NAVIGON’s strategy towards other mobile platforms.


Bernd Hahn (D)
Bernd Hahn is Head of Technical Productmanagement Software at NAVIGON AG and the overall responsible Productmanager for NAVIGON’s iPhone SW development. After studying English and Geography at the University of Würzburg he worked for DAIMLER AG. Hahn joined NAVIGON in 2003 as PM for Mobile Products. In 2005 he was involved in building up NAVIGON’s OEM activities as Head of Product Management OEM supporting the mobile navigation business of companies like SONY, Harman/Becker, Pioneer, Panasonic and Bosch Blaupunkt.
Since 2007 Hahn is responsible for NAVIGON’s Technical Product Management Software. Early in 2009, he took the lead in bringing the successful MobileNavigator software to the iPhone.

1250-1400 Lunch break



Ian Gotts (UK)

iPhone in the enterprise – CIO’s dream or nightmare?    
The iPhone is infiltrating organisations hidden in senior executives pockets much to the dismay of CIO’s. But the iPhone has the potential to be a powerful ally when deploying enterprise applications, where lack of adoption by business users is the real enemy. So is the iPhone ready for the enterprise?

Ian Gotts UK
He is an author and technology CEO (Nimbus). A confident, witty and energetic speaker, he captures his audience’s imagination and challenges them to think beyond their current preconceptions. His expertise is technology sales, business transformation, driving change, performance management, project management, outsourcing and process management.


Robbert de Haan (NL)

Together we can change the future of payments
App Stores are today’s main mobile apps distribution platform. And mobile payments are becoming a game changing technology, with opportunities everywhere you look. Developer innovation has been stifled until now because it's so hard to make money. But it's not about technology, it's about solving fundamental challenges people face when trying to pay or get paid.

Robbert de Haan
(hyperlink to, PayPal’s Marketing director for the Benelux, will explain why PayPal has launched PayPal X (hyperlink to and is opening up its payments platform. He will demonstrate how PayPal is essentially giving developers, entrepreneurs, and innovation teams the tools to easily monetize their ideas, which has been a long-time challenge. Finally he will share information about the integration and use of PayPal’s Mobile Embedded Payment toolkit on the different Mobile OS platforms including tips and tricks from partners that have already integrated PayPal into their apps.

Track I

Kendall Gelner (US)

XCode and you – making a good thing even better
This session will cover ways to use XCode more effectively and ways to customize  XCode to be able to do common tasks more rapidly when writing code.

Kendall Gelner is an experienced software developer and has been involved in the building of iPhone apps since the opening of the App Store

1600-1645 Coffee Break

Marcus Zarra (US)

Data Versioning/Migration with Core Data
In this advanced discussion we deal with the issue of migrating data that either was not previously in a Core Data persistence layer or where we already have an existing model and need to update the data model without data loss. The session assumes a working knowledge of Core Data.  

Marcus Zarra (US)
Marcus Zarra is the owner of Zarra Studios, LLC, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the author of "Core Data" for The Pragmatic Programmers as well as the co-author of "Core Animation" for Addison Wesley.  He also writes regularly at "Cocoa Is My Girlfriend", a wildly popular blog covering all aspects of Cocoa development.  When not writing books, code or articles, Marcus produces Cocoa software and consults on Cocoa projects for both the desktop and the iPhone.


John Ellenich (US)

The iPhone user experience formula
You have designed and published your app, now take your user experience to the next level. Dive deep into the mobile user experience and learn how to create a 'uniquely iPhone' user interface.

John Ellenich (US)

  Track II 

Jonathan Wight (US)

Embracing the iPhone SDK (PART 1)
Apple advertises the Objective-C based iPhone SDK as the premier solution for producing iPhone applications. What does this mean for developers coming to the iPhone with other backgrounds? What alternative technologies are there? What can you do with the iPhone SDK that you can't do with other technologies? Why should you learn to stop worrying and love the iPhone SDK instead? If you do decide to just go with iPhone SDK, how do do you interact with the rest of the world?

Jonathan Wight (US)
Jonathan Wight is the Chief Technology Office of [Small Society][1], an iPhone Development agency based in Portland, Oregon. At Small Society Jonathan developed the Zipcar iPhone application, which was unveiled during the keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2009. Jonathan also lead the teams that developed the myStarbucks and Wholefoods Markets iPhone application. Before the formation of Small Society Jonathan was the lead developer on the [Obama '08][2] iPhone application project.

Jonathan is an iPhone developer and architect with more than 15 years of experience with Apple® technology development, including iPhone and Mac OS X. He is a strong believer in the merits of open source software. His [TouchCode][1] project is widely used and praised by many iPhone developers. His TouchCode iPhone source code repository is widely used and praised by the iPhone development community.

Jonathan grew up in the United Kingdom and currently runs his blog [toxicsoftware][3] from his home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

1600-1615 Coffee Break 

Jonathan Wight (US)

Embracing the iPhone SDK (PART 2)

Apple advertises the Objective-C based iPhone SDK as the premier solution for producing iPhone applications. What does this mean for developers coming to the iPhone with other backgrounds? What alternative technologies are there? What can you do with the iPhone SDK that you can't do with other technologies? Why should you learn to stop worrying and love the iPhone SDK instead? If you do decide to just go with iPhone SDK, how do do you interact with the rest of the world?




Dom Sagolla (US)

The Dollar App
The story of @BookApp is a model of simplicity and focus that trails two iTunes Staff Favorites: iPhone apps Big Words and Math Cards.
Drawing upon experience helping to create the Obama ‘08 iPhone App last year, Dom Sagolla will share how his company DollarApp is the simplest model for building a business one app at a time.

Dom Sagolla (US)
Dom Sagolla helped create Twitter in 2006, and shipped his first book this October. He is the founder of DollarApp, developing applications for iPhone in San Francisco. He is also co-founder and host of iPhoneDevCamp, an international, not-for-profit developer community.
Dom has been an engineer in research and development at HP Laboratories, the MIT Media Lab, and Adobe Systems. He’s contributed Open Source at such startups as Macromedia, Odeo, and, has shipped applications such as Dreamweaver and the Adobe Creative Suite, and delivered platforms such as Twitter, Adobe Flash, and AIR.

  Track III 

Lindsay Giachetti (US)

320 x 480 Reasons to rock your iPhone App design
Explore best practices for designing your iPhone apps from the looking at the big picture to refining all the bitty details. Get advice on where to start, how to follow through, and what tools to use to help you along the way.

Lindsay Giachetti  (US)
Lindsay is the Director of Process and Design at Double Encore, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. A former Lead Mac Genius with Apple, she now integrates her technology background with her aptitude for design, focusing on consistency, creativity, and quality to ensure great user experiences on the iPhone.

 1600-1615 Coffee Break 



Natalia Luckyanova (US)

Marketing iPhone Games on a Budget
The App Store offers an unprecedented marketplace for independent game developers. But standing out from 85,000 apps takes creativity. In this talk, Natalia will go over some tips and tricks for marketing your indie iPhone game on an indie budget. Specific topics include engaging the media, engaging the fan base, and cross marketing your apps.

Natalia Luckyanova (US)
Natalia co-founded Imangi Studios, an independent game studio focusing exclusively on original games for the App Store. Imangi Studios has been in the App Store since its launch in July 2008, and they now have 4 games and 1app on the store. Their most recent game, Harbor Master, was the #3 top paid app on the App Store.



Joe Pezillo (US)

Push It Up: Implementing Apple's Push Notifications for Fun and Profit
A walkthrough of how and why to add push notifications to your application, what's required on the server side with plenty of working sample code and specific examples to guide you through every step of the process. After showing you how to implement it yourself, he explains how the new company Push.IO is helping developers make it easy to scale.

Joe Pezzillo, US
Joe is the co-founder of Push.IO, a startup building "smart infrastructure for smart phone developers." For the last year he's been doing enterprise iPhone development, building native iPhone applications for a Fortune 100 financial services company. Joe has been programming Cocoa/Obj-C on Mac OS X since 2001, and was a lead researcher at the Apple Electronic Media Lab for the three years of its existence in the mid-90s. After that, Joe started one of the earliest and most popular Internet Radio companies in 1996 and still does an occasional volunteer afternoon music DJ shift on KGNU, the AM/ FM community radio station in Boulder/Denver. Joe has been exploring computers since he was 9 years old, sneaking into the campus computer lab to play games on the terminals, and his first home computer was an Apple ][+.

1745 Close of Day I - Meet up at KPN/Getronics