Andrew Seybold Wireless University

Thuesday 8 March 14.00- 17.30


Few can comprehend all that has happened in the wireless industry since this time last year and we are only beginning to grasp what is to come. Wouldn’t you like to know and prepare for what lies ahead?

At the ANDREW SEYBOLD WIRELESS UNIVERSITY, you will receive a solid grounding in wireless as it is today and you will look into the future of this rapidly changing industry with the most in-depth, up-to-date education in wireless available in a convenient seminar. The content has been updated for Europe and the format has been revamped to maximize your learning experience.
Why wireless penetration will grow to over 300%
Why technology will be eclipsed by applications
How the 4G world is shaping up and what is next
Why spectrum is such an important wireless resource
How and why the wired and mobile Internet are different
How consumer wireless is impacting corporate wireless systems
What element of wireless is most important to users
The real differences between licensed and unlicensed spectrum
What is hot today, what will be hotter tomorrow
What the most important wireless issues will be in 2011

In its 15th year, ANDREW SEYBOLD WIRELESS UNIVERSITY explores complex issues facing wireless mobility by examining the elements – technologies, devices, applications and content.

Andrew M. Seybold, wireless pioneer, highly regarded wireless industry analyst and acknowledged expert at trend prediction is a popular choice as a guest speaker at corporate events. He will lead this seminar in his straightforward, no holds-barred approach in plain language and an engaging style as he tells it like it is.

The seminar starts with a foundation in wireless and builds on that knowledge. Hear the latest about wireless technology and device developments, trends, how IP plays in wireless and the move toward convergence that will blur future boundaries.

Find out the latest about wireless networks and explore issues surrounding such topics as spectrum allocations, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, “free” access and what lies ahead.

Then explore wireless data as you look into the future of applications, content and technologies, focusing in on what will fuel demand for services that go well beyond voice. Learn about issues surrounding bandwidth, open access, location-based services integration and personal privacy.

Examine the impact Internet companies are having on wireless companies, changing business models, what makes a good mobile application, mobile platforms, and the two Internets.

In closing, Andrew Seybold will share his predictions for the next two years, from looking at trends expanding broadband to the impact of the economy and the next Big Thing.
What You Will Gain
Knowledge about the industry’s trends and issues
Essential information about current and future technologies, applications, devices and more
Improved ability to assess facts and make informed decisions
The ability to identify money-making opportunities
A competitive advantage

Tea and beverages are included.


CEO & Principal Consultant, Andrew Seybold, Inc.
Andrew Seybold is one of the world’s leading authorities on technology and trends shaping the world of wireless mobility. Mr. Seybold is a respected analyst, consultant, commentator, author and active participant in wireless industry trade organizations. His views have influenced strategies and shaped initiatives for many of the world’s most respected names in the wireless industry from Verizon to Nokia.

He is founder and CEO of Andrew Seybold, Inc., a wireless industry consulting firm that advises wireless mobility companies from start-up to Fortune 1000.

Mr. Seybold is widely known throughout the wireless communications industry for his keen perspective as well as his track record for accurately predicting trends in mobile wireless technology and convergence. Mr. Seybold is a frequent speaker at leading industry events such as CES and CTIA shows, and at corporate events for companies including Verizon, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others. He has served on the Motorola Research Visionary Board and IBM’s Mobile Computing Advisory Board, among others. Mr. Seybold is a Fellow in the Radio Club of America for his contributions to the wireless industry.

Andrew Seybold’s COMMENTARY is possibly the most widely read e-newsletter among executives of leading wireless network operators. He co-founded the Andrew Seybold Wireless University in 1995, which has been attended by thousands of industry professionals and continues to be the only in-depth education program of its kind in the wireless industry. As a trusted authority on wireless technology and business issues, Mr. Seybold has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. He is author of Using Wireless Communications in Business.

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